Great Demon King - Chapter 349.2

Chapter 349.2

When the mummy lord emerged from the ground, the surrounding undead creatures that had charged down from the bald mountain were beheaded one after another by the death storm. More than seven hundred undead creatures had already turned into ashes in just a moment.

“The being that is entrenched on the high grounds, accept the challenge from the mummy lord Pharaoh. That towering mountain is not a height that can be held by someone weak like you, hand over that territory to me!” Mummy lord Pharaoh roared towards at the towering mountain as a large amount of mental strength swept through the whole area.

“My Lord Majesty, how can you tolerate the infringement of that lowly mummy?” The evil knight that’d retreated on his fire-breathing warhorse and hissed sternly.

The sounds of rocks shifting suddenly sounded from around the canyon as he hissed. The incomparably familiar wood and fire elite zombie separately rode out on fire-breathing warhorses, dashing in from both sides of the valley.

An enormous shadow dived down from the tops of the mountain, the incredible undead porcupine full of bone spurs. The little skeleton was wielding a bone dagger that had transformed into a spear three meters long at some unknown point. The seven bone spurs stood upright from his spine. His grand aura covered the scene as he landed.

“Humble mummy lord, my territory is not a place where you can encroach. Today, not only do I want your soul to disperse, from today onwards, the north side of the mummy lord’s territory is also under my control.” The little skeleton’s thoughts exploded out like a flood, absolutely disproportionate to its tiny figure.

“My Lord Majesty, you must unite and rule the darkness.” The evil knight that’d previously spoken dismounted his fire-breathing warhorse, bowing down to the little skeleton that was diving down from above, his face filled with solemn piety.

This was the first time the mummy lord Pharaoh had set eyes the rumoured superb mutated skeleton. The aura exploding from the little skeleton’s figure instantly terrified Pharaoh. There was also the flaming fire zombie, seemingly turning into two fireballs on the back of the warhorse. The scorching high temperature caused the cold loving mummy lord Pharaoh to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Pharaoh suddenly felt that he’d fell into a trap this time. Having survived in this world for an extremely long time, the mummy lord was unlike the typical, trudging undead creatures. He had long since gained true intelligence.

He had a bad feeling and attempted to return to the depths of the ground. However, the previously soft earth suddenly became as hard as diamonds in this moment. Just as mummy lord Pharaoh started to panic, the simple-minded earth zombie slowly emerged from the earth. Grinning at Pharaoh, it naively said, “You can’t escape, right?”

The previously awe-inspiring mummy lord Pharaoh suddenly realised he had no path to escape. He howled furiously, “Despicable being, you are too sinister!”The little skeleton didn’t respond. The hovering undead creature beneath him suddenly rushed towards Pharaoh. The little skeleton lifted the three meter long bone spear and the baleful aura in the surroundings all surged into the bone spear. The bone spear absorbed a large amount of deathly aura, becoming as heavy as a mountain and pierced towards Pharaoh when the mummy lord roared.

The strips of cloth on Pharaoh’s body danced in succession and crushed his surrounding subordinates like a sharp weapon. When the little skeleton’s bone spear descended, it tore through the strips wrapped around his body, piercing through his chest in one strike, pinning him on the ground.

“Submit, or die!” The little skeleton cooly shouted as his huge aura fiercely covered the entirety of the mummy lord, that was also pinned by the bone spear.

Pharaoh was being pinned by the bone spear and eventually yielded to the little skeleton’s viciousness after a mournful howl. He docilely bent his head to the little skeleton and said, “I, mummy lord Pharaoh, submit to My Lord.”

The little skeleton wasn’t in a hurry to retract the bone spear from the mummy lord’s body. He drew a contract mark in the dusky air with his free left hand, making the mummy lord hand over some of his soul to brand the contract. Only then did he remove the bone spear without concern of the mummy lord’s pain, turning around and saying, “Return to the mountain!”

The mummy lord didn’t have any chance to resist when the unfair contract between master and servant was formed. He slowly lumbered up stiffly, moving forward with slow steps while following behind the earth and wood elite zombies, heading towards the towering mountain.

Han Shuo had seen everything clearly and was filled with speechless surprise. He finally knew where he was at this time. This was the other dimension in which the undead creatures lived.

Han Shuo never would have imagined that the little skeleton and earth zombie would actually have an enormous troop in the other dimension. It even looked like they were getting on rather well. No wonder the earth elite zombie had asked to return last time if there wasn’t anything for him. Looking at this battle, it seemed that the little skeleton had brought along the earth, wood and fire elite zombies, and was conducting a mighty invasion in the other dimension.

A high level undead creature like the mummy lord could only be summoned by a necromancer archmage, similar to the bone demons. Yet the little skeleton had handled the mummy lord with a single strike. This fully proved that the little skeleton’s level was higher

than the mummy lord. This was something that Han Shuo never would have thought of.

When the mummy lord was subdued by the little skeleton, Han Shuo suddenly panicked. He suddenly remembered that he didn’t know how to return to Profound Continent. There weren’t any people or things that Han Shuo was familiar with in this eternally desolate and still space.

If he could only remain in this foreign netherworld in his consciousness, it would be complete torture to Han Shuo. At present, with even his body was formed by his consciousness, not only could Han Shuo not control everything, he couldn’t cast any magic. This was extremely unfavourable for Han Shuo.

Looking at the little skeleton fly towards the towering bald mountain, Han Shuo repeatedly screamed mentally in an attempt to contact the little skeleton. In the midst of that, a sharp pain suddenly spread across Han Shuo’s whole body. This kind of agony was unbearable even to Han Shuo’s tough nerves. His consciousness gradually dissipated.

The little skeleton was travelling towards the towering mountain with the elite zombies suddenly paused, looking towards the area where Han Shuo’s consciousness vanished. He suddenly turned the flying undead creature and flew towards the area where Han Shuo’s consciousness had just been located at. The purple demon eye sparkled, filled with uncertainty.

The earth, wood and fire elite zombies all spurred their fire-breathing warhorses to pass through layers of the undead army to stand next to the little skeleton. The earth elite zombie asked innocently, “What’s wrong?”

“Father was here before.” The little skeleton, who only had two holes for a nose, moved with a crunching noise and responded to the three special undead creatures.

“How can Father be here, this is our world!” The earth zombie looked naively at the little skeleton, trying to understand.

“I don’t know, but I just felt the connection between Father and myself. He was just here!” The little skeleton swung the three meter bone lance in his hand, the tip of the bone lance stopping at the area where Han Shuo’s consciousness previously stayed, saying, “Right here, if you sniff carefully, you can still smell Father’s scent.”

With this sentence from the little skeleton, the three undead creatures all drew close the area. Among them, the wood and fire elite zombie shook their heads, having yet to fully develop their own consciousness. They currently could only rely on the little skeleton to think. Only the earth zombie deeply breathed in a few breaths of air, as if really smelling Han Shuo’s scent. It replied while shaking its head, “Yes. Father has truly been here!”

“Let’s return to the mountain, Father has already left. We still need to take over Pharaoh’s territories later.” The little skeleton said, and then spurred the undead creature into the sky, howling en route to the towering mountain.

Han Shuo shot to his feet as if his head had been struck by lightning. When he landed on the ground, he was covered in cold sweat, his heart still palpitating with fear.

The skeleton staff that had been held in his hand fell to the ground at this moment. It clanked to a landing on the smooth and hard ground of the Cemetery of Death. There weren’t any changes to the skeleton staff that was now quietly lying on the ground. However, Han Shuo knew that the skeleton staff had just brought him to another place.

Travelling to the desolate and still dimension had given Han Shuo a scare. What Han Shuo was afraid of wasn’t the existence and war in the other dimension, instead, he was scared that he couldn’t return to the Profound Continent. He had existed only as a consciousness in that paradise for necromancy, but his body had remained on the Profound Continent.

The effect on a necromancer like Han Shuo was obvious, he was unable to use much of his power. If he was stuck eternally in that area, facing desolate and deathly undead creatures for the rest of his life would be torture to Han Shuo.

Being used to riotous colors of this world, Han Shuo was unable to adapt to the monochromatic other dimension. Besides, this world still had Han Shuo’s close friends, who were made of flesh and blood like Han Shuo, unlike the creatures in the other dimension.

“That was close, this skeleton staff is really odd, luckily it finally sent me back. If not, my life would have been destroyed.” Han Shuo spoke to himself for a while. Only then did he look at the skeleton staff again. His mind was thinking hard how he had passed through the various layered planes, with his conscious landing in that space.

Unfortunately, even after pondering for a long while, Han Shuo still didn’t know how he’d done so. Shaking his head, Han Shuo didn’t carry on thinking about this question. He instead recalled the little skeleton’s amazing performance in that space. Han Shuo wanted to immediately use the skeleton staff to summon the little skeleton over, but had a lingering fear of the skeleton staff’s previous changes. He temporarily gave up on the thought of immediately summoning the little skeleton.

“Who knew the little skeleton was actually so well established. He looks even more awesome than me in Profound Continent! When did this fellow become so formidable, eh?” Han Shuo couldn’t resist sighing. Recalling the previous scene when the undead creatures landed, the look of fear for the little skeleton from a few low level creatures, he finally understood what was going on.