Great Demon King - Chapter 344.1

Chapter 344.1

Chapter 344: Deathly pursuit

“Not good, that blasted Celt! Everyone, be careful!” Cecilia’s pretty face paled when she saw Celt’s sudden change in direction. Celt led the group of knights as well as Arlen and his dark elves in an about face towards the stunned Cecilia.

“Master, that Bryan is also a member of Dark Mantle. He won’t dare to act impudently as long as we capture those women.” Kassel vigorously urged Celt along. The Ancient Lizard King’s appearance and subsequent brutality had struck a deep chord of fear within him.

“If they’re with Bryan, we can use them to force him to submit.” Celt responded tightly. He coldly rushed towards Cecilia as he drew “Starry Sky” from his space ring.

From his position atop the old Lizard King’s shoulder, Han Shuo quickly identified Emily from afar. Since the Redbud Knights and dark elves had made such a flashy mess of things, it was impossible to keep Dark Mantle in the dark. Their appearance at this juncture was well within Han Shuo’s expectations.

“You can’t let those ones leave alive, otherwise you can definitely expect this place to turn into a warzone in the near future!” Han Shuo whispered urgently in the old Lizard King’s ear. His eyes were fixed on the two leaders, a murderous glint flashing through his eyes.

“I don’t need you to remind me.” The Ancient Lizard King didn’t bother with audible speech, letting his voice echo within Han Shuo’s mind.

At this point, the Ancient Lizard King had left the corpses of more than a thousand knights and dark elves in his wake as he rampaged through the combined army. The lucky survivors bolted in every direction, doing their damnedest to put as much distance as they could between them and the ferocious figure of the Lizard King.

Suddenly, russet colored light shone over the massive body of the Ancient Lizard King. Astonishingly, his enormous body began to shrink, the light folding inwards.

Still atop the Lizard King’s shoulder, Han Shuo had front row seats to witness this transformation. A quick mental message from the old Lizard King assuaged his worries, the Lizard King was simply transforming into his human form. Han Shuo leaped off his perch, hovering in the air.

Dagassi’s colossal body rapidly shrunk under the russet colored light. The twenty meter tall form of the prehistoric apex predator was replaced with a hundred and seventy centimeter tall old man within ten breaths. His face was flushed, and the only remnant of his previous form was a lizardman’s tail extending from his spine. A red robe appeared out of nowhere, casually draping itself over him.

Dagassi’s transformation had actually resulted in such an earth shattering change to his features. Nowhere could one see the behemoth that had slaughtered knights and elves like swatting flies in this small, normal looking old man. He looked up to see Han Shuo hovering in the sky above him. He stretched, shouting in the human tongue, “Get your friends somewhere safe, I’m going to exact my blood price from those invaders.”

The old Lizard King had forgone mental transmission, instead using the common tongue. It seemed that the ancient magical formation that bound him had also sealed his ability to freely transform. Now that he could shift into a human form, he’d regained the ability to use the common human tongue.

As he spoke, he lifted himself haltingly off the ground. His actions seemed a bit out of practice, seemingly searching for that familiarity he once had in the air, the sense he’d lost from being sealed underground for so long.

Dagassi’s reminder broke Han Shuo’s fascination with the Lizard King’s transformation. He looked up to see Celt and his group almost at Cecilia and her group’s heels. Kassel had taken the opportunity to shapeshift into his favorite great earthen bear, causing the ground to crack beneath his charge as he charged Cecilia.

The noble dark elf Arlen gazed dumbstruck, eyes wide, at Kassel’s transformation. Turning his head, he caught sight of “Starry Sky” in Celt’s hands. Apprehension grew in his heart as he remembered how arrogant he’d been in front of them earlier.

He broke out in a cold sweat. Arlen had been rudely woken to the fact that his men’s strength paled in comparison to

that of the Redbud Knights during the Ancient Lizard King’s rampage earlier. With “Starry Sky”, he could admit that he was no longer Celt’s match. Now that this druid subordinate had revealed a transformation skill that allowed him to turn into a great earthern bear, Arlen realized that if he’d really come to blows with Celt, he really would’ve been defeated miserably.

While Arlen’s heart trembled with fear, a different sort of emotion was rousing within Cecilia’s heart. She cursed vehemently inside as she hovered in the air, shouting, “Move! Don’t just stand there, Celt is coming!”

Even in his current state, Celt was renowned as the leader of the Redbud Knights, one of the top ten knight troops, across the Profound Continent. The loss of his green dragon didn’t cause noticeable drop in his strength when he wielded “Starry Sky”. Cecilia may be one of the three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle, but she didn’t specialize in combat. With little experience to draw on, seeing Celt and his band form a charge immediately caused her to panic.

“Annoying women, don’t expect to leave here alive today!” Celt shouted. “Starry Sky” started to emit a blinding light as his charge turned into a full assault. It was like the stars had descended on the entire underground world. Off to the side, the great earthen bear Kassel also mounted his own assault to pressure Cecilia and her band.

In the face of this twin onslaught, a crimson light suddenly streaked through the sky. Even as it sped through the sky, its point rapidly coalesced into a dense orb of bloodlust. The blood colored orb of light began to rapidly spin, as its slivers began to rattle in warning. The enormous ball of prickly, crimson light shook as it continued to rapidly rotate in midair. Han Shuo had finally unleashed the “Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts”.

The wails of weeping ghosts and howling wolves accompanied the “Bloody Radiance of Ten Thousand Cuts” as it shot out from the Demonslayer Edge. It careened through the air towards Kassel’s great earthen bear form. He was on the verge of lashing out in a powerful blow against Emily when he sensed the dense aura of killing intent locking onto him from behind. Quick as thought, Kassel changed targets, skidding to a stop as he turned to face the scarlet orb that was screaming through the air towards him.

Emily was no slouch, she quickly harnessed her levitation skills to throw herself out of harm’s way. Her dark hair danced in the wind as she chanted under her breath, magic staff in hand. Two massive Hands of Death appeared in mid air, swiping at Kassel’s transformed feet.

Kassel has zeroed in on Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge as the biggest threat, and didn’t expect Emily to launch a counterattack mid-retreat. Both of his feet were firmly grabbed by her two Hands of Death.

There was no time left to try and pry himself loose. Kassel could only grit his teeth and use his front claws to catch the spinning scarlet orb. The crimson light rotated madly in the bear’s claws, fiery sparks shooting out from its palms as the bear stamped his feet in agony.

After depleting thirty percent of its energy reserves in that one attack against Kassel, the Demonslayer Edge once again turned into a streak of red light and returned to Han Shuo, leaving behind the wailing Kassel with his two mangled bear arms.

Emily suddenly decided to not pursue Celt and dark elf Arlen either as she sped further away.


A strong force smashed down from the sky, abruptly trampling the ten meters tall bear into the ground. Dozens of attacking force waves simultaneously invaded Kassel’s body. He bled profusely from his nose and mouth, his body shrinking back into human form.

The one who’d attacked Kassel from above was indeed the Ancient Lizard King Dagassi, who descended from a red dot in the middle of the sky to land next to Kassel. “You are one of the main perpetrators, how could I let you escape!?” Dagassi was still using the form of a ruddy old man, so he stomped right on Kassel’s head.

Kassel’s skull shattered like a rotten watermelon with a crunching sound.