Great Demon King - Chapter 339

Chapter 339

Chapter 339: It was indeed me

Han Shuo learned from Chrissie that the Redbud Knights had indeed traveled to the underground world, and the Celt had already launched one attack against the lizardmen already. The lizard men naturally couldn’t stand up to the attacks of the Redbud Knights, but there was an extraordinary presence living in the magical crystal ore mine that the lizardmen guarded.

A dreadfully fierce battle had seemed to take place when Celt and the Redbud Knights entered the mine. A strange entity living within the mine had suddenly turned very terrifying, and even one of the top ten knight troops on the Continent hadn’t come off on top in the exchange.

The Redbud Knights decided to furl their banners and cover their drums after failing three times. They were now hiding in some cavern, and not even the Dark Mantle knew where they were holing up. They had concentrated their attention on the area that the lizardmen were living in and was observing every move that occurred there.

“Bryan, why have you come to the underground world? Are you also part of this mission?” Chrissie asked Han Shuo excitedly after describing the current situation to him.

Han Shuo shook his head with a smile, “I was passing through the Dark Forest and happened to fight with Celt of the Redbud Knights earlier. I’ve come for him.”

Even Celt’s green dragon had been killed, so he must hate Han Shuo to the bones, not to mention that the latter had chopped off one of Celt’s ears. This was the kind of grudge that demanded retribution no matter what. To Han Shuo, Celt was an enormous threat who controlled the Redbud Knights. Not only was his strength uncommon, but he was an important national figure as well. There would be no end of trouble once Celt learned of Han Shuo’s identity.

Therefore, Han Shuo had come to the Dark Forest this time from Brettel City to see if there was a way he could obtain more magical crystal cores, and also to see if he could fully uproot the problem that was Celt to prevent future troubles for him after he walked out of the Dark Forest.

“What, you’ve fought Commander Celt of the Redbud Knights?” Chrissie suddenly shrieked and looked at Han Shuo incredulously. She immediately followed up with, “I heard that someone killed Celt’s green dragon, and even one of his ears was sliced off! Was that you?”

The light of intense curiosity shone in Chrissie’s eyes as she fixed her gaze onto Han Shuo. She seemed to have guessed something. It was rather Han Shuo who hadn’t anticipated that the news would spread so quickly. He was quite surprised by Chrissie. They were both hiding behind some red plants with enormous banana-shaped leafs. This was likely the temporary meeting place of the Dark Mantle for this mission.

A low shout traveled in before Han Shuo had time to respond, “Who is it?”

Chrissie snapped out of her curiosity when she heard this voice and also called back in a low voice. “It’s Three Dark Star Chrissie. Is it Wallace?”

“So it’s Chrissie! Mm, come on over.” The voice wasn’t as nervous as before. It laughed softly instead, with a young face popping out from behind a few red leaves. When the boy lifted his head and saw Han Shuo, he was immediately a bit unhappy. “Why is it you? What are you doing here?”

The last time Cecilia had tried to use the forest trolls to block the pursuit of Celt and the Redbud Knights, Han Shuo had forcefully prevented her from doing so. The other Dark Mantle members with Cecilia then had expressed their furious dissatisfaction. The one called Wallace was likely one of the shrouded figures then, which was why he was immediately unhappy upon seeing Han Shuo.

>When Chrissie saw that Wallace’s expression had changed for the worse, she thought that Wallace didn’t know who Han Shuo was and hastened to explain, “What are you doing Wallace? Bryan is one of us! Haven’t you heard of his name before?”

“Hmph! He tripped up our plans at a critical moment, I don’t think he’s one of ours at all!” Wallace was quite loyal to Cecilia as he snorted derisively.

“Chrissie, take me to Emily.” Han Shuo wasn’t overly concerned with an angry Wallace and only spoke to Chrissie at his side.

“Apologies, we don’t welcome people like you here!” The young man named Wallace suddenly drew himself straight from beneath the red banana-shaped leaf and blocked Han Shuo’s path with a cold face.

Han Shuo flicked a glance at Wallace and went on his way, not caring about Wallace’s obstruction at all. When he reached the latter’s position and saw

that he had no intent of moving out of the way, Han Shuo slowly reached out a hand to send a surge of strength into Wallace’s body.

The force behind the strength caused Wallace to stagger. He backed up a few times in a bedraggled fashion before finally falling on his butt on the ground. There were a few traces of humiliation mixed in with the anger on his face as he shouted, “What do you want to do?”

“Whether or not I can go in isn’t up to you. You’re just a small Dark Star envoy and have no right or strength to stop me. Just don’t try then!” Han Shuo expressed the most direct kind of contempt and looked back at Chrissie, who was coming over to try and smooth things over. He smiled, “Let’s go and see Emily.”

Chrissie was stunned in her tracks by Han Shuo’s display of strength and then turned her head with an exclamation of surprise, “It must be you! The mysterious person who killed Celt’s green dragon and sliced off his ear must be you!”

Wallace had been about to stand up and challenge Han Shuo again when his face suddenly went as white as paper. His knees weakened, as he was so frightened he fell into a sitting position.

Han Shuo chuckled softly and flicked his eyes contemptuously at Wallace, urging Chrissie onwards, “Speak no more of this, I need to see Emily urgently.”

Han Shuo’s lack of denial was a subtle admission to things. Chrissie’s gaze at Han Shuo was full of worship as she ran over excitedly to Han Shuo. When she passed by Wallace on the ground, she said a bit apologetically, “Sorry Wallace, you don’t have much at the moment either, so I’ll be going now.”

Chrissie no longer looked at the ashen faced Wallace after she spoke, hopping over to Han Shuo’s side and saying enthusiastically, “Let’s go, I’ll take you Madame Emily. Oh Bryan, how did you slice off Celt’s ear? That was too amazing!”

Han Shuo discovered that the Dark Mantle had chosen their hideout quite carefully along the way. The leafy fauna grew everywhere, and there were plenty of random rock outcroppings to hide behind. This place was perfect for the Dark Mantle members who were adept at concealing themselves.

All sorts of alarm mechanisms were set up starting from where Wallace had been stationed. These were made by hand and employed some magic elements in them as well. They appeared very adorable and practical. Han Shuo learned that these had all been made by Cecilia.

Although the curious Chrissie kept asking about Celt’s destroyed ear, Han Shuo didn’t say much more on this matter. He took the attitude of neither confirming nor denying things. When he saw Emily, the latter repressed the agitation in her heart with great effort and spoke with the dignity befitting her situation, “Thank you, Chrissie. I’d like to discuss with Bryan the matters of this mission alone.”

“Alright then, Madame Emily.” Chrissie responded with disappointment, casting a longing look at Han Shuo before she left. “Remember to tell me the details next time, I really want to know what happened with that!”

“No problem, I’ll tell you next time. Thank you Chrissie!” Han Shuo responded with a friendly smile and then walked with Emily towards a cave.

Apart from the lush growth of the red, banana-shaped leaf plants around this area, there were also some small caves. It looked like Emily was temporarily taking residence in one of the caves. Perhaps she didn’t want other people to see them as she avoided some of the caves with sounds coming out of them and walked to a remote corner.

“You little bastard has started tempting other girls again. You have me and Phoebe, isn’t that enough for you?” Emily immediately pinched Han Shuo halfway when she saw that there were no other voices, cursing him in a low voice.

Han Shuo felt quite aggrieved as he laughed wryly. When he saw Emily let go out of fear of hurting him, he explained, “It’s not like what you think! I only met her on the way and had her take me to come find you!”

“Hmph!” Emily looked at Han Shuo distrustingly. “Then what was she talking about, what details and what explanation?”

“Eh… she wants to know how I killed Celt’s green dragon and sliced off his ear?” Han Shuo responded honestly.

“What! You did it?!” Emily was startled as she looked at Han Shuo incredulously.

Nodding, since Han Shuo had no secrets in front of Emily, he said, “It was indeed me.”